Monday, March 24, 2008

Day Two Part Two - Pretty Boy Alert!

After a refreshing lunch and drool over Keith Anderson it was back to the interviewing...
Doug Stone was first up (no he wasn't the Pretty Boy I am referring to... that is the third photo down)

And then a legend in the shape of Richie McDonald, ex-lead singer from the band Lonestar. Y'know he was on Top of the Pops back in the 90s? The song 'Amazed'... you remember!! Anyway we had a chat about it all and he is now striking out on his own.

Then I met another amazing man, Michael Martin Murphy. I won't go back over his history as a cowboy poet but if you want to you can read about it here and by the way Willie Nelson opened for him!! *bows* Anyway he was an interesting to talk to especially about writing and creativity and how he lives the life of a cowboy on his ranch.

I then got to meet the Pretty Boy of the title... Adam Gregory. He started as a child in Canada and is now in Nashville breaking hearts.

Can I just interrupt this for a moment... what the hell was going on with my hair??? Not a good look! Next year I will be employing a stylist of my own I think... anyway back to action.
I then got to interview Ashley Gearing who is way more sophisticated than me and she is just 17... really she was. Except when she saw Adam Gregory though... then she went all girlie. Very sweet.

And then I was let out for good behaviour! I mooched over to the Bridge Bar where I met RJ for a drink and then randomly chatted to people. I found out that The Drew Davis Band were taking people to see them in the studio in their TOUR BUS! Hey I'm a sucker for that sort of thing. So when the time was right I was there waiting for my ride...

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