Monday, March 24, 2008


Oh Yeah! Tour bus here I come! I have realised I don't have any actual photos of the tour bus... which is a pity as it was quite something. All swagging, flock wallpaper and chandeliers... no really it was! We settled ourselves down and were driven across Nashville to County Q studios. Now this isn't the first studio I have visited in Nashville and something I have realised about many studios in that town is that a lot of them are in houses. Yup houses. All of them converted into studios. It seems a little odd... I'm not sure what I thought it was going to be like but it wasn't that.

Anyway we arrived as The Drew Davis Band were putting down a track. And all I could think about was RESEARCH! This is just what I needed for Dream Date... my heroine is a singer/songwriter, making a demo in Nashville! Wooooo!! So I asked if I could take photos... and here are some of them.

The control room was between the vocal booth and the other instrument booths. It was amazing to hear them. The guys then going back in adding tracks like the banjo and hammond organ. And I heard the words "We Need More Cow Bells!" Very Cool.
And Drew has just got married so he had his wife tucked into the vocal booth with him...

Then it was back on the bus and touring all the different parties to go to... but first I had to refuel so I found a party that was serving tortilla chips and salsa as well as free drinks! YAY!
I then gatecrashed the MCA party with a nice gentleman called Carson from Maryland who I met in the lobby... he was officially allowed to go to the party. I was the gatecrasher. I was almost a crasher in deed as well. Part way through a fine acoustic performance by their new signing David Nail, I leaned a little too much to the left on the wall and knocked a large piece of art half of the wall!! Luckily we saved it before it hit the performer... ho hum. By the way David Nail sounded great... the whole art crashing was not a critique of his talent.
And then I went to play poker with the Country Thunder Record lot... well not so much played poker as talked at them and then took myself off before I bored them all senseless. And so to bed... because it was another big day on DAY THREE!

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