Monday, March 24, 2008

Day Three Part One - Flagging

As I sat for breakfast on day three I was flagging... where was all the partying I did last year?? Sheesh this work lark was getting in the way of my media social butterflying etc.

Anyway it was straight back in with interviews. Skyler Spencer was in first.

Then I had some time off before I was inundated with The Road Hammers where we discussed among other things shaving cats... odd I know.

Then I got to interview the wonderful Amber Rhodes. Now Amber and I first met back on Day One, bonded at the Music City Jam with aching feet so it was wonderful to have time to chat with her. And she didn't disappoint... check her out.

Then I met three great brothers who have were an entertaining interview and also have an amazing story to tell. They are in Nashville via South Africa and Zaire. You can read and hear more about them here They also have an amazing energy.

And then my last interview came into sight... Katie Armiger. I have to say I had been hearing her latest quite often over the week and was eager to meet her. Yet again I was out sophisticated by a 16 year old.

And suddenly I was free... and all I wanted was to get out of the conference centre and be by myself. So I took myself off for lunch at Merchants on Broadway and then met Karen Miller (another CMRNashville presenter) at Roberts Western Wear World. It was suddenly good to be in a slightly different world. And then Karen took me on a research trip to Fido this is a coffee shop where songwriters hang out... yes! Dream Date was beginning to look better!
And so relaxed I suddenly realised that I needed to get back for the New Faces Show!

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