Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day Three Part Two - The New Faces Show

Sorry for the small gap between blog posts... yes the day job got in the way again.

Anyway... I have realised that I don't have any photos from the New Faces Show... I think I was photoed out by then.

But I digress... As I was wandering towards the cocktail drinks thingy before the dinner and show I bumped into the wonderful John Willyard, he is the voice of the CMAs!! I had met him earlier in the week and so he very kindly bought me a drink and let me bend his ear about... well I can't remember but I am sure it was interesting! He is also the voice of CNN and CNN International as well as many other things.

Then we wandered off to her respective tables and I was lucky enough to sit next to a lovely gentleman who had broadcast on Radio Luxembourg!! It was a radio history lesson... *waves to Jay*

The meal itself was meat and meat with a side order of salad. And then the show began.
Luke Bryan and Bucky Covington were good but the sheer excellence and drama of Jake Owen blew me away and seemed to blow away the audience, which is hard to do with jaded radio types. Jason Michael Carroll was good but too rocky in some cases. And then of course the wonderful Taylor Swift who just seems to get better and better. She has gained so much confidence compared to seeing her showcase last year. It was a great ending to the seminar.

But the best thing about the Friday NIght is the disco night that is put on... which also includes artists singing seventies disco hits! Now last year it was a fabulous night out. Loved it. This year I was tired, talked out and I had some news that made me a little fragile. I tried to stay but all I could think of was my bed. So with that I finished my wine, said goodbye to the people I could find and slunk back to my hotel. Which on reflection was the best thing I could have done. Why? Well that is a subject of my next post...

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