Monday, March 24, 2008

Day Two Part One - TV CALLS!

Sorry all these blogs are coming in dribs and drabs but Easter got in the middle and there was much chocolate to be eaten. Oh and snow and stuff.
Anyway day two... I was starting to flag... which was a bit of an issue as I had a full day of interviews and then some PARTYING to do!
So first off I got to interview The Drew Davis Band! Ooooo lovely boys... lovely. *sigh*

I met up with them later but more of that then...
Then my interview with Floyd Flowers was cancelled and I did get to interview someone else, the name of who escapes me. Sorry. I then interviewed Tom Wurth, a fast talking charmer if ever I met one.

Well on DigitalRodeo... they filmed me interviewing Zane Lewis for their website. It was cool! And I also got to meet Robert Reynolds (The Mavericks) and Randy Travis! Sadly no documentary evidence of this but it did happen! Here I am with Zane by the DIgitalRodeo booth.

I am trying to find the video of it... when I do watch out!
So then we met with Lila McCain...

Oh and if you can you must support this wonderful man... Ansel Brown. He was one of the most interesting men I interviewed over the week. He is travelling to a hospital in every State and hoping to come overseas entertaining sick children. It is call the 'Bigger Heart Tour' go to see him on MySpace. Oh and I like his music!

And then I broke for lunch... where the beeeyooowtiful Keith Anderson entertained us. Including the fabulous song 'Every Time I Hear Your Name.'

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