Monday, August 20, 2007


I am just interrupting the romance writing talk to let you know about a competition being run over at CMR Nashville If you scroll down to the right hand bottom corner you will see they are asking for your favourite CMR Nashville Programme.

They have a selection of 5 of the latest Country CD's to give away with a Mad Gold T-Shirt (female) and an official Nashville Star Ballcap. All you have to do is Just send an Email to and let them know your 3 favourite CMR Nashville shows to stand a chance of winning this prize.

Now not that I am trying to stack things in my favour but rumour has it I am top at the moment and I would like it to stay that way...

So go over to the website, have a listen... and just remember I do have two shows 'The Tennessee Tourist Board Chartshow' and 'Big Country'. Just in case you need two shows to start your list off.

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