Friday, August 17, 2007

Writing Update

As requested I am just popping in with a quick update on the writing front.

First, thank you for your comments... as a cheerleading squad you are doing an excellent job on keeping me going.

Secondly this week has been a little slower than last week, partly down to extra curricula activities (called socialising).

The word count currently stands at 22,657.

Now a quick question to some of you... when you are doing your first draft does it usually come in a little under the required word count? The reason I ask is that I know in revisions I am going to have to go back and put in things like description and flesh it out. So should I be panicking if I think the first revision comes up short?

And while you think about that here are two more pictures of Zoe and Jack... don't they make a lovely couple??


Donna Alward said...

I ALWAYS come in under.

For example, Romance is 50-55k. My first draft is usually about 43-44. After making a second pass and a polish, I'm usually around 47-48.

And when my editor is done with it, I'm usually over 52k.

Have fun!

Biddy said...

Thank you!! You have set my mind at rest... I will now plough on and just get this thing written!!

I am having fun at the moment.

liz fenwick said...

Yes, under every time! Just keep writing :-)

Michelle Styles said...

Like Donna -- I ALWAYS come under the word count after the first draft.
I am far more apt to be adding words during revisions than not.
Think of it like a sketch that you are going to add shades of meaning and colour to.
And hooray hooray for your word count.