Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Things have slowed down on the writing front but I am still chugging along. I have polished my first chapter to send in to a competition being run by Lewisham Libraries and Mills & Boon. This sort of put me behind in terms of word count but has helped with plotting.

So currently I am 75% through the first draft... which means by the weekend I am hoping I will be done. Much celebrations will then ensue. Then of course it will be down to revising what is currently a big pile of tosh. Ho hum.

Off to see Ms Cohen in Reading tomorrow. This of course will make me lose a day but who cares!

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Michelle Styles said...

Enjoy Ms Cohen and Dr X masquerading as the fecklet.
It sounds like you are well on track. Fingers crossed that the firstdraft is done by 21 Sept. But really one I get 75%, I know I have to get it finished.