Monday, December 19, 2005

Busy Busy

Have had a distress call :waves to Sasha: about my whereabouts.

I'm still here!!

Life is a little hectic at the moment and adding Christmas into the pot has just blown me off the radar. So for those of you that are interested here is a breif resume:

1. I am still recording for Oneword and the role might grow in the new year
2. I am hoping to start with CMRPlus in the new year (fingers crossed nothing changes that)
3. I am still working fulltime at the day job. This has also been manic and I have been disappearing off for meetings around the country
4. Christmas social events have been coming fast and furious. Sometimes being 'in vino veritas' can be liberating... ;-)
5. I won the Golden Mic award for 'Best Specialist Show' for the second year running!!! WOOOO!! The prize was a digital radio! Very very cool.
6. Christmas cards are half-written and not sent
7. Christmas shopping is a quarter done
8. I am clearing the emotional decks... it is interesting.

Anything else you need to know, just holler!


Anna Lucia said...

I just need to know you're okay, so keep in touch, k? :-)

Donna Alward said...

Phew! Just glad you're still ON the radar somewhere!

Congrats on the golden mic and hope things quiet for you a bit over the holiday. If not, close the blinds, turn on the answering machine, open a bottle of wine and let the world disappear for a few hours.

Biddy said...

Anna - I will keep in touch, honest! I just forget that I'm not posting or emailing much because I am reading everything. I just don't seem to have the energy or focus to reply how I would like to.

Donna - thanks for the congrats. Sadly the hols will be just as busy as that is when I will have to record my CMRPlus show. Oh and sort out my flat which looks like armageddon is a quiet night in ;-)

Michelle Styles said...

Glad you are fine and busy busy busy.

Hooray that your role at Oneword is expanding!!

Anna Lucia said...

Totally understand that, Biddy! I happens to me regularly. :-) Just wave at us now and then and we'll be fine.


Kate Hardy said...

EXCELLENT news re the Golden Mic! You rock. (In a country way, vbg.)

Hope the Oneword and CMR go stellar next year.

And I second what Donna says. Slow down and relax a little over Christmas. (Yeah, yeah. I know. Pots and kettles.) Chill out. Good wine, good music, chocolate...

Biddy said...

Have just come back from having done all of January's book links in two hours... bloody exhausted now!
Lots bubbling at Oneword ;-)
Thanks for visiting I'll try and keep updated.

Nell Dixon said...

Merry Christmas Bids and huge congrats on the award.

Sela Carsen said...

Congrats on the Golden Mic award! I'm very curious to know about the emotional deck-clearing, but then I'm nosy that way. And, to add to the general clamor, Keep In Touch!