Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Type Stuff

Have been off visiting the folks for Christmas. Was full of food, wine and good company.

I spent yesterday enjoying a day out with one of the best people I know; full of food, laughter, lights (with lots of taste lacking) and friendly insults.

Tomorrow I record my first show for CMRPlus... I have my fingers crossed that it will go fine first time. I'll post tomorrow to let you know how it went and give you all the links for the station!


Kate Hardy said...

Excellent news, Liz, and very well deserved. Great start to the new year!

(And what's this about a pig? I missed something...)

Sympathy on the sore throat. Come east and have a snowball fight followed by a hot toddy. That'd help ;)

Kate Hardy (in dizzy blonde mode) said...

No no no!!! I put this on the wrong blog!! (This is what I get for trying to comment on two blogs at once.)

So just ignore the message above. It was supposed to say:

HAPPY NEW YEAR, BIDDY! And may 2006 see your broadcasting career go from strength to strength.

(... though the invite to a snowball fight and hot toddies does of course extend to you too, vbg)

Biddy said...

Arf! Thanks for the invite... I would take you up on it except the recording went pear-shaped today and I have to try again tomorrow. Grrr.

Happy New Year to you too!! 2006 is going to ROCK (in a country way) for us all!

Nell Dixon said...

Happy New Year Biddy!