Friday, December 28, 2012


Blogger in hiding at an undisclosed location

Hello… *scuffs floor with toe*

So it has been awhile hasn’t it?

How have you been?

Good, I hope.

What has been happening with me? This and that. Mostly that.

On the writing front I’m still slogging on. Every time I think I’m getting close it all moves further away. I have amassed rather a lot of rejections from agents and publishers for ‘The Stone Voice’. I am ‘resting’ it while I rethink.

I came third in the SFA RWA ‘Heart 2 Heart’ competition in October which was exciting. It was for my ‘New Adult’ (whatever that is) Fantasy novel ‘The Silver Assassin’. Now to get the bugger finished and polished.

Have other things brewing… and they would probably be done if the real world wouldn’t keep intruding.

Oh and I’ve gained a partner in crime. I call him #flame (long Twitter related story)

I’m hoping to be a tad more chatty on here in 2013. Talking about writing, music and general nonsense. Hopefully it will keep me off Twitter and Facebook.

So what is new with you?

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