Friday, December 31, 2010


As it is tipping over from the old year to the new, I thought I would give you a round up on my 2010 (or alternatively you could just go and read my twitter feed for the blow by blow game play)

I started it well being chosen as Katie Fforde's bursary winner (through the RNA) which gave me the necessary kick up the backside with my writing.

I finished 'The Stone Voice' back in May, having had fantastic feedback on my writing and first chapter from Barry Cunningham at Chicken House (through the Festival of Writing in York). After feedback through the NWS and via great friends Liz Fenwick and Julie Cohen, I have revised it. It has been entered in the RWA Golden Heart competition and will be winging its way to agents in the new year. Go me!

The day job has been, to use a cliche, a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I am a self employed consultant in the Education sector and spent a fair bit of the spring and early summer wondering where my next contract was coming from. And then I was lucky enough to get a fabulous offer from Ty and Ian at the British Council for School Environments and I am currently working there as Operations Director.

So what will 2011 bring? Well it brings a rather key birthday milestone in September *shakes in boots* but it also brings the possibilities of new stories as I get on with writing while waiting to hear back on 'The Stone Voice'. I am also looking forward to the challenges of a day job that is fast paced, high profile, demanding and great fun due to my fabulous colleagues.

So what have you planned for 2011?


Jane Holland said...

I plan to work jolly hard and achieve some major goals in 2011. Rather as you seem to have been doing in 2010!

Good luck with The Stone Voice. I have a YA fantasy novel on the back burner called The Stone Ship, lol. Sadly, it's been there a good few years. But one day, one day ...

Great photo of you and Katie, by the way.

Happy New Year!


Andrew Culture said...

This year I will work harder than ever before on simplifying my writing style, I shall also finish the silly novel I started at Christmas (I'm currently half way through).

I will also become a father!

I really enjoyed this post, partly because I'm a bit nosey, but more because it's really encouraging to see how well you're doing with your writing, and if the writing world is liberally littered with folk as genial and cheery as you I look forward to becoming a (small) part of it.