Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Big R

And the waiting is over. The verdict is in. And it is a big fat juicy REJECTION!! No really, it was big fat and juicy because I got a whole long email about what did and didn't work for them. So in the grand scheme of rejections it was big and juicy.

To cut a long story short my hero just didn't work. Which I can't say I am that surprised about because I had such a tough time with him I'm sure it showed. They loved the heroine though, thought I'd done a pukka job with her. But overall I seemed to want to write more about her journey than the relationship. There were also some comments on was I writing for the right line.

I already think I could take Zoe from the book and give her a different story maybe for a different publisher.

All in all lots to mull over and think about whilst I finish 'Bah Humbug'.

Mind you all that is above is not what I first thought! Oh no! First there were the tears... then the stomping... then strangely enough the relief... NOW I KNOW!!! Curiously liberating!

And I have discovered something very interesting about myself... rejection makes me come out fighting. I AM SOOOO GOING TO DO THIS!!!


Kate Walker said...

Good for you darling. You're entitled to the tears and stomping . . . but I'm sooo glad to see you come out fighting.

I want t give you your 'heart' asap

liz fenwick said...

You are going to do this!!!!

Donna Alward said...

Yes, that fighter instinct is AWESOME. And it's perfectly okay to grieve a little when it's a no. But as Michelle says - it's what you do AFTER the rejection that counts!

Go you!

Anna Lucia said...

Yes, you ARE so going to do this!!!

Nell Dixon said...

More hugs and adding to the 'you can do it' chorus here in the wings.

Liz Fielding said...

A big hug, Biddy. R is never fun, but a positive one, filled with solid information can be a very positive step forward. A time to reflect on your strengths and go with them.

I never doubted that you'd come out fighting. And you will get there.

Heidi said...


Sorry to hear about the rejection, but it's another step closer right. And a great big one by the sounds of it.

Now go grab your hero by the shirttails and give him a good seeing to (oops, sorry that didn't come out quite right).

Heidi x

Kate Hardy said...

Biddy, honey, so sorry to hear the news (and sorry that I'm so late with the hug!).

B-u-u-t - it's a big step forward because you've got a LONG letter. Which means they think you have a lot of potential (otherwise you'd have had a form R).

Go for it. You know you have loads of us rooting for you!