Monday, December 22, 2008

RIP Bella

Sadly our little Bella Bean, Monkey Bean, Princess Tippy Tappy Toes has moved on to the big dog park in the sky.

This is a note from my sister:
Just wanted to let you know that we lost Bella today. After nearly 16 years, of which I was lucky enough to have her in my life for seven, she lost her fight against the cancer. In typical form she kept fighting. However in the last couple of weeks, while the spirit was willing the body was failing her and her quality of life had diminished. That said, even in her final week she continued with the “top dog attitude”: demanding her favorite chicken and rice did not come with a side order of pumpkin, flirting with men, bedroom break-ins and two or three high quality diva like moments.

From London “Big Issue” mutt to San Francisco hippie hound, I just wanted to let you know since you’ve either known her or how much she’s meant to me and the Coady clan.


Nell Dixon said...


Anna Lucia said...

She was a true doggy class act, Biddy and Anna. Hugs to you both.

Kate Walker said...

Anna and Biddy I know how you're feeling on the loss of a dear dog friend. I never met Bella but I felt as if I had from hearubg you talk about her and I know the gap she will leave in your loves.

Sending you both hugs and thoughts


Donna Alward said...

*blinking rapidly and lower lip wibbling*

Oh hugs hon. Bella knew her place. Unfortunately it was the precise spot I decided to occupy on her sofa. :-) She was something and I'm glad I got to meet her!

Kate Hardy said...

Big hugs from me, Biddy. I know what it's like to lose a special dog.

KAte H xxx