Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not in Nashville. Not in Nashville All Week. Not Happy.

Thanks to everyone who has said such nice things about my foray into television. I was pleasantly surprised by my turn and was very happy to be involved in such a great programme.

And now we move on to my gripe.

I'm not in Nashville. I won't be in Nashville all week. I am NOT happy.

Here are ten reasons why I am not happy...

1) The CMAs are happening tomorrow
2) I am not going to the CMAs
3) Kenny Chesney will be performing at the CMAs
4) I am not going to be at the CMAs
5) Kenny Chesney could be winning an award at the CMAs and therefore available for questions after in the press room
6) I am neither at the CMAs or in the press room at the CMAs
7) The BBC aren't televising the CMAs this year
8) I am not even going to see the highlights of the CMAs
10) I AM NOT GOING TO BE THERE!!!! *sob*

So to make myself feel better here are two photos to make up for things


Kate Hardy said...

Aw, Biddy. Sending you a big hug.

But this is a good time to write a black moment in your book, because you can take it out on your hero and heroine...


Hope you manage at least to hear the highlights on one of the music channels.

Fiona said...

Most excellent cheering up photos.
Thank you.