Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'm on the TELLY!!!

Yes I'm on the TV tonight at 8pm on BBC4. Well I think I am. Of course I could be edited out (which is likely due to my usual blithering idiot act!)

It is a documentary called 'How To Write A Mills & Boon' and the interviews were done back in May. Back when I was 17 pounds heavier!! ARGHHH!! So if you do watch it could you just take off the 10 pounds TV puts on you and then another 17 and you'll have my current look... oh and my hair is now in a bob. Actually why don't I ask Stella and the rest of the gang round to re-shoot it?

Anyway when I stop obsessing over such superficial things we can move on to the content. Stella was a fun person to be interviewed by so I am hoping that the documentary is good. And then of course there is 'Consuming Passions' which is on afterwards.


Kate Hardy said...

Bids, you looked FABULOUS. You sounded great, too (lots of sensible, good advice). I was so proud of you!

Biddy said...

Thank you! I was pleasantly surprised about how well I came across. I did have to be sozzled on white wine before I could watch it though.
And hanging out with all you M&Bers has obviously taught me something!

Liz Fielding said...

I thought you were fabulous, Biddy. It was such fun seeing people I knew. Rachael Thomas, in the Italian section, is a member of the Carmarthen chapter.

Will you come and sit by me when I'm in a muddle with a plot, please?

Lucy said...

You were great!! So calm, and collected, and that boarding school addiction? Can totally identify with you on that!

Michelle Styles said...

I watched it yesterday and thought you rocked!!!!

You looked really good and made excellent points.
Addiction to M&B during high school -- yes totally

B.H. Dark said...

Hooray, you rule!

liz fenwick said...

So wish I could have seen it!!!!

Biddy said...

Liz - Thank you!! And I would love to sit next to you but I would probably be too busy having a fan girl moment to be much use ;-)

Lucy - Thank you!! I had some training from more media savvy people... I just tried to remember what they had told me. And I'm glad it wasn't just my school with the M&B problem!

Michelle - Thanks honey!! That means a lot, I was trying to apply everything I've learned from people like you.

B.H. - as do you, you alien space porn rockin' author!!

Liz - *whispers* I got someone to record it for me... I'll see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

Biddy you were a complete star and absolutely gorgeous. A natural on de telly!
x Abby Green