Monday, July 21, 2008

Thank you

Thanks to all of your helpful comments on my flat refurbishment. It is now in its second week and the kitchen has been ripped out and the false ceiling are in the bedroom and the kitchen.
I have bought tiles for the bathroom and the kitchen floor, new taps, bath screen and shower attachment and have a lovely kitchen deisgn which I should be putting the deposit down for tomorrow. So the only thing left is a heated towel rail. Nothing big or complicated, just a heated towel rail. See! Not complicated...

You'd think this would be easy... but any that are in chrome and the right size seem to be OUT OF STOCK in the Greater London area. Sheesh!! I could buy something online but I am loathe to as I'd like to see how nice the chrome finish is, sometimes it looks cheap. Anyway I have one last place to look tonight on the way home, if I fail there I might have to fall on my builder and plead for him to find me something decent (and inexpensive).

In other news I have NOT finished my revisions. I can see myself NOT finishing my revisions all week. I still have to pack, wax, tidy up, work and go and see Dierks Bentley at the Borderline.

Dierks Bentley
By the way going to see Dierks *swoon* DOES count as work. The fact that there is some enjoyment involved, some auditory and visual pleasure, just goes to show that one of my jobs is satisfying!
I am hoping a ten hour flight will make a dent in the revisions, it will be that or I will catch up on the sleep I have been missing!!

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liz fenwick said...

I spent twelve hours yesterday on the revisions.........still no where near finishing but I can see where I am going with them.

Good luck with the towel rail and other stuff.