Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RWA Conference 2008

Well I made it to San Francisco and other than a stinking cold I am doing well. I'll be blogging over at The Pink Heart Society this week along with some of the gang. I'll also try and keep this updated as well... but it could be patchy!!


Middle Ditch said...

I had a really nice read here. A very lovely blog. Keep up the good work.

liz fenwick said...

I think you may owe me a drink....memory hazy here but I sent off ACH to the NWS this morning having completed the full works rewrrite :-) How's it going? lizx

Biddy said...

Thank you Middle Ditch!! Please keep visiting.

Ahhh Liz... I do believe I owe you a drink! WELL DONE!!!
It is not going so well, life has been getting in the way and no matter how much I try and clear space something else comes from left field to take its place. Ho hum.