Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Still Here... Just.

Yes I'm still here. Hanging in there by my finger nails. I spent last week relaxing somewhat with big sis and chilling before this week when my new contract started. But my plan of getting stuff done on the weekend took a hit. First Saturday I helped friends move house. Actually I cat sat for them while they moved house. However little Archie is a tadette demanding and would only stay calm if I was holding him which put pay to doing some radio prep work.

Then on Saturday night I started feeling less than well, up all night shivering and with stomach cramps. Lovely! Which wrote off Sunday. Grrrrr.

Yesterday was the first day on the job. Bonus was that I now have a 25 minute train journey to and from work and I managed to write 1000 words!! YAY! Can I do this again today? Fingers crossed.

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