Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Yes I have been missing for rather awhile haven't I?

All for a good reason though... I have been working to pay my bills. That and dealing with some other stuff and generally making a nuisance of myself on various poor people's IMs.

Tomorrow will mark week 2 of the partial being at M&B. Ahh well I'm sure patience is a virtue... maybe.

But today's good news is that I have written two pages of the new book! For the past week I have been doing all those background questionnaire thingies and of course making myself research photos of men to cast as heroes (so tough!). And today on the way to work I saw the beginning of the book, so at lunchtime today I started to write it. Happy Days.

More soon on who has been inspiring me and the like.

1 comment:

Ray-Anne said...

Good morning. Woot for starting new books and 'researching' your hunky hero!
Might catch up with you after the lunch on 4th Feb!
Take care, Ray-Anne