Saturday, January 05, 2008

Blogging At The Pink Heart Society

I meant to do this last night or at least earlier this morning but I got distracted... what a surprise!

I am blogging over at The Pink Heart Society, for the next year I will be keeping a monthly warts and all online diary about my writing life. Today is a recap of the last year... some of which has been mentioned here, some hasn't.

And if you are visiting me for the first time!

HELLO!!! Welcome!!

And just to update you all on my writing life since yesterday morning... I received my confirmation letter from M&B, so I have my reference number. So naturally out last night with champagne and wine! Admittedly the champagne was for a friend's house warming.

So onwards and upwards for 2008!

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Ally Blake said...

Hey Biddy! I was just reading over the last week's worth of PHS posts and found your blog there. What a fabulous idea!!! I can't wait to see how your book is coming along.

Good luck and may 2008 be ther year for you!!