Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Operation Donna

Tomorrow is D-Day!! As in the wonderful Donna Alward is coming to visit.

We have a fun packed time planned. Tomorrow I'm sure will see Donna reeling from jetlag and the travel so I will be kind. But come Thursday she will be into the thick of it.

I'm sure there will be photos to post and stories to tell so keep coming back.


liz fenwick said...

Have a fabulous time :-) Look forward to reading all about it!

Anonymous said...

Biddy, I need your help! How much longer is Donna here for? I have a book for her that needs signing by the author (Julie!) before it gets to Donna. It's a long story! I thought I had ages to get it posted to Julie so she could sign it and pass it on while Donna was here but suddenly Donna is here and the book is still sitting in my bag waiting for me to do something with it. I'm in London so if there's any chance I can post it to you and you'll get it before Donna leaves, let me know. Thanks, Nikki (nikki @ nikki cole . com - without the spaces obviously!)

Donna Alward said...

OMG...I just read your blog now that I'm HOME...I'm an operation????????

Thanks again hon for brilliant accommodation and fun!