Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mills & Boon Radio Documentary

PHEW! It is over and the results seem positive. Sadly my interview wasn't used but I had a nice email explaining that last week so it was no surprise (and my father is happy because that means the world doesn't know he is a M&B reader... D'oh!)

There had been some worry that this would be a programme rehashing old stereotypes (mostly due to the press release... this one did nothing for the show) but that was all it was, worry.

It was a warm and affectionate look at the history of MIlls & Boon, balanced against some people who are not great fans. In fact one particular lady was very disparaging towards anyone who reads them... I'm sure other bloggers will touch on this. All I can say is it seemed she hadn't read one in quite awhile. She also seemed very lacking in humour and came across as a prig. But everyone has their opinions.

God Bless Fay Weldon! Sharon Kendrick and Roger Sanderson were fab. The editors were delightful.

Lucy Porter and Susie Matthews did a fantastic job of showing how times have changed. I raise a glass of champagne in their general direction (even if they didn't include my interview)


liz fenwick said...

Sounds better than I had hoped. Will have to see if I can listen on play back!

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

For some reason I can't listen.....what wondeful authors you have on your blog....I read M&B and HP.