Friday, August 03, 2007

Films (or lack of them)

In a grand attempt to go out to the cinema tonight I ran my eyes down the film listings.... NADA! ZILCH!! BUGGER ALL!!


I don't want to see Shrek 3, The Simpsons or Transformers and everythingelse is all a bit... blah. I am desperate to see Bourne Ultimatum but that doesn't open here for another two weeks.

So as an alternative I checked out plays in London... honestly you would think there was something that PING! I want to see that. Well to tell you the truth there was but at £42.50 a ticket it was a leeetle steep for a random Friday night trip out (so we are going later in the month when there are cheaper tickets)

Why oh why isn't there any decent stuff on??? So in desperation I am off to see Harry Potter again.

What have you seen recently?


liz fenwick said...

Hairspray........interesting and enjoyable enough for a rainy afternoon :-)

Suzanne said...

I haven't seen ANYTHING recently, but next time I do, it'll probably be one of the kid flicks. Sigh...

Kate Hardy said...

We had a choice yesterday of Surf's Up or Evan Almighty.

Went for the former - the music was OK. And it was better than The Simpsons Movie (though that isn't saying a lot). HP is probably too scary for littlest on the big screen, so that leaves us with... um.

Last summer had some good films. What happened, this year?

Biddy said...

It is bad this year isn't it!! I have tickets for an advanced screening of 'The Bourne Ultimatum' on Thursday... not much good for you lot though :-)