Friday, June 09, 2006

Missing In Action!!

Yes, I have been missing in action for quite awhile as has been pointed out to me.

I have been woring hard at the day job (IT Consultancy) but also working hard at building up the radio career.

Here and there I have managed to open my wip!!! It is interesting reading words that were written so long ago, some of them make me nod and think "my that is good!!" and some of it is cringeworthily awful. But where there are words there can be editing. The reason I have been venturing back to the wip is that I have decided to enter the RNA's Elizabeth Goudge competition. The entry must be a 3,000 word scene from a book (any genre) which contains the words "Starting at midnight" in the first chapter. It seemed serendipitous as one of the key scenes from the first part of the book is set at and around midnight...

I'll try and get in more often and keep you all updated.

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Jessica Raymond said...

Good luck, Biddy! x