Monday, May 30, 2005

Raining On Sunday

OK so it isn't Sunday and it isn't raining but it is the title of a short story that has tickled my fancy.

Imagine a full day spread before me, only a small hangover from last night and a clean sheet of paper of a day to write on. So what do I do? I go to the gym. Admittedly very noble of me but still a waste of quality writing time.

By the time I sit down to write it is late afternoon and I am struggling with the wip. Is Ollie beginning to sound like all the other characters? Who can tell? Not me.

Suddenly a track comes on, all I can see are a couple embracing during a gloomy rainy afternoon. This is one afternoon where tomorrow will take care of itself. I have to write this story. I have to write it NOW.
I put the track on repeat and so far I have written 1500 words. They haven't made it to the bed yet but whatelse is there to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon with a power cut?

Go to the "Golden Road" album and listen to "Raining on Sunday", see what it tells you.
Raining On Sunday

It feels good to be writing again :-)


Suzanne said...

Only a LITTLE hangover? Now what good is that? :)

Biddy said...

Hey I wrote! This is a big thing!