Sunday, May 29, 2005

Ooo Look!! My Very Own Website!! - (more commonly known as: How to Procrastinate)

I promised myself I would do some writing this weekend...
Instead I found myself playing around with my website. The fruits of my labour can be seen here:
My Website

But tomorrow is another day and here's hoping that the inspiration I had last night about Ollie and his state of mind will come back.
Ollie is at present sitting in a drafty church watching the woman he is infatuated with marry someone else. Yesterday I was inspired by two songs that I played for my show.

Just Be Your Tear - Lyrics
Unlove Me

Ahhh I'm feeling inspired all over again.

Tonight I am off to see Alabama 3 - slight change of mood :-)


Suzanne said...

Cool, Biddy!!! It looks great!

Biddy said...

Thanks Suzanne! I need to figure out what I will be using it for... ooo more procrastination :-)

Suzanne said...

There is no better way to procrastinate than to play with a website, let me tell you! LOL!

Biddy said...

Well I could think of other things to play with... but that might be research rather than procrastination ;-)