Thursday, December 12, 2013

First Kisses

First Kiss - awww

There is nothing more important or memorable than a first kiss. In life and in fiction. Much of my writing is for teens so some of the first kisses I am writing are FIRST KISSES. You know, that first ever kiss that some of us had earlier than others. The first kiss from which every subsequent first kiss is merely a reflection.

I know that one of the reasons I read and write romance is to remember that feeling of excitement and discovery at the beginning of a relationship. To shiver with the memory of hands touching, those careful looks from the corner of eyes, feeling dry mouthed, my heart thumping and stomach churning before that first kiss.

I wrote 'The First Kiss' because I wanted to create the prefect kiss for a teenager. Teen kisses can be as much about crossing a threshold to adulthood as the person you actually kiss. But if you happen to kiss the perfect boy then lucky you!

My very first kiss was when I was seventeen and at a school dance. It traumatised me so that I can no longer eat chicken flavoured crisps - enough said. So when I wrote this I thought back to a date I had about a year after that disastrous first kiss. It was a perfect day and I've always wished it could've been my first kiss. Luckily I'm a writer so I can make it happen.

But writing it also reminded me of all my first kisses (and being a woman of a certain age there have been a few). Some have been memorable for all the right reasons and some for all the wrong.

Standing under a lamppost in Leeds in the snow stealing kisses every time we got to a curb or lamppost. On a river bank with me nervously talking and him kissing me to shut me up. At a Christmas party with a guy I had liked for a long time. On the bus after a night out at a ski resort, having held hands under the table all night. On my birthday on a sofa after having been cooked a beautiful lunch. Coming out of a pub on a cold night giggling because the brim of my hat was in the way and then afterwards being left breathless and stunned. At a bus stop when a kiss missed a cheek and hit the lips.

Each kiss was as different as the person it was with and this is what I have to remember when I'm writing. Each hero and heroine are different and so their first kisses need to be to.

What do you remember about first kisses?

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Joshua said...

The first kiss is the hottest and most memorable.