Sunday, January 13, 2013

Head Space and Story Prompts

Something that I have realised about myself over the years is that without sufficient head space I become unable to write. Well that isn't strictly true, more I become paralysed and panicky. The ability to hold a whole book in my head becomes impossible and so my writing/editing comes to a crashing stop.

The sad thing is that usually my lack of head space due to work or life or some other real life catastrophe which is stressful would be helped if I was writing. But then I can't write because surely I should be spending the time sorting out a or b... and round I go using up more head space ad infinitum.

I'm in a reduced head space phase at the moment and although on paper it looks like I should have loads of time to write there is too much else cluttering my thinking to allow it. I currently in the middle of a YA/New Adult fantasy, a YA romantic novella and an adult romantic short novel. Oh and a finished YA fantasy novel that needs rethinking. None of these books are getting anywhere because I can't keep them in my head enough to write.

But I yearn to write. My lovely friend Liz Fenwick has suggested that I write short stories or fragments of short stories. A new idea every day to keep my writing muscles flexing, she suggested the first.

"The snow began falling and I thought nothing of it..."

So far I've written 600 something words on 'Snow Hound' and I find myself researching Native American and Norse dog legends.

Snow Hound

To keep me going over the next few weeks please leave a story prompt for me (words/images). I will keep you updated as to where I am with them.

Onwards and upwards!


alisonmay said...

I'm exactly the same - I really struggle to write when my brain is full of other stuff. I'm in awe of people who write in short bursts in between other stuff. I seem to need a hunk of time and an empty head (so to speak).

Hmmm.. a writing prompt... let me see....

'The woman turns back to her friend. "So after all that, I don't think he was even a real Doctor."
Her friend pauses, and shakes her head. "I'm sorry. After all what?"'

Brigid Coady said...

I am in awe if those people to!

Thanks for the prompt... tomorrow is now sorted :-)

Jane Lovering said...

I'm another one, I can't write unless I have absolutely NO ties on my time for hours... which almost never happens, and then I get resentful and angry, which also stops me writing. Is there an answer that doesn't involve a desert island and six months off work?

And my prompt (should you choose to accept it) is
'The body bounced off the windscreen and vanished under the wheels'.

Brigid Coady said...

I'm sure we'd find something to stress about on the desert island... :-)

Oooo good prompt! I'm adding it to the list :)

Scarlet Wilson said...

Feeling wicked here. This one is just for fun.

The dial for the time machine spun in front of her. Wild, Wild West or Space 3013 where would she end up?

Brigid Coady said...

They are all just for fun!

Thanks... I like that especially if she found out that Space 3013 was like the Wild, Wild West (a la Firefly)

liz fenwick said...

ooh, love the prompts...head space is soooooo hard!

Keep going!


Brian Jones said...
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