Monday, February 15, 2010

Blogging about MARK HARMON!!

I have been lucky enough to be asked to write a Male on Monday blog at The Pink Heart Society today. I thought long and hard and even put out a call on Twitter for suggestions. But foolish me! I should have thought a bit closer to home. I should have been looking at the box sets I own. I mean there is one BIG reason I own five series of NCIS... and it isn't Michael Weatherly.

So I am blogging about Mark Harmon!! Woooo!!! And as if there weren't enough photos on that blog here is another one just for you...


Francine said...



What is it about Mark Harmon?

He just oozes sex appeal!

Nettie Thomson said...

My friend had a big crush on him, oh, around 20 years ago. She supported me through a big operation and to say thank you, I wrote to Mark Harmon, asking for an autographed photo for her. It took a while, but he did send one eventually. So, a nice bloke as well as gorgeous!