Sunday, October 11, 2009

One Small Step for Man... ONE GIANT LEAP FOR BIDDY-KIND!!

Yes I have taken yet another step along the writer's road. I have climbed another rung on the literary ladder. I have a short story that is to be published in an anthology!! YES!! No money for it but hey a step is a step and it will be in print (and not in the school magazine)

My short story 'The Great Leap Forward' will be published in 'Even More Tonto Short Stories'. Here is the very beautiful front cover.

Pretty isn't it?

The anthology has been put together after a competition Tonto Books held and was judged by the ever lovely Caroline Smailes

Supposedly there will be book signings and other events somewhere or other and some place or other. When I know more I will let you all know. I mean this deserves at least a small sherry to celebrate.

Next step will be getting paid for something...


Anna Lucia said...

Woo Hoo Biddy!! MUCH deserved publication!

Anonymous said...

Huge congratulations! With ballons and streamers and popping corks and much merriment.AND hugely well deserved.
Big virtual air kisses coming your way darlink. LOL
Upwards and onwards.

Kate Hardy said...

Congrats, Biddy!! Really pleased for you. Doing a happy dance on your behalf.


Biddy said...

Thank you Anna, Nina and Kate!

emma said...

Congratulations Biddy! The cover is pretty indeed. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Michelle Styles said...

a v late but heartfelt congrats!!!!
I look forward to reading it!
Next stop -- world best seller dom.

sas said...

congratulations! i love the cover design.