Sunday, September 27, 2009

Birthdays, Hats and New Writing Schemes

It couldn't be helped... I was out shopping with the girls and a leopard print trilby found itself on to my head. Then my lovely friend 'Cazzalina' bought it for me. YAY!! I have had a brilliant birthday weekend and that is even before having a birthday :-)

Also on Friday I received my NWS report. I didn't want to read it. In fact I deliberately refused to read it until Julie Cohen was on the end of the phone to give me support. After however many years it has been in the NWS scheme this is the best report ever. Quote from it include...

"I enjoyed reading this."
"You write to a publishable standard"
"Your writing is bright and flows well. The story and the characters are engaging."

But basically I need to finish the book. Which, lets be honest, we all know is the issue. However now I know finishing it isn't so much a shot in the dark as it felt on Thursday!


Jan Jones said...

And you will finish it!

Happy Birthday, hon.

Anonymous said...

Many congrats on the NWS report AND the fab hat. Hats are the coolest!
Have a lovely birthday and happy writing. :-)