Monday, January 19, 2009


I know, I know... I have been a tad silent on the whole blogging thing but I's been busy. Honest guv! Straight up! What with the tax deadline due I was neck deep in paperwork. Why oh why do I leave things to the last minute?? I mean I have had since last April to sort it all out but... no I left it late again.

In other reading related news I have been revisiting my Tad Williams' collection and having finished The Dragon Bone Chair, I have moved on to The Stone of Farewell. I looked at when my copies were published and I realised that I have them since 1990. Nineteen years. I'm not old enough surely!!! Anyway they are keeping me happy for the moment.

In writing news I have opened the 'Bah Humbug' file... wrote about two sentences and came to a grinding halt. It will come slowly, I'm sure.

Other than that nowt much to report, just keeping my head down and powering through.

So what have you been doing? Tell me all about it while you admire HIAT (Hugh in a towel)

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