Friday, June 20, 2008

Things I Have Been Doing

A whole week since my last post?!?! Gosh golly where does the time go? So what have I been up to... well the farflung Coady clan member has been home for a week so she could go to Ascot. As you do. And this was all work related (allegedly). I'm not sure watching the gee-gees, hobnobbing with the rich and famous and having your glass of Bollinger never run dry can be really classified as work but she assures me it does.

Instead I have been slogging back and forth to Kingston for work except for Tuesday when you could find me doing spectacular U-turns on Kensington Gore and in parts of Bayswater. They were moves worthy of a black cab driver... maybe I should think of a career change?
In the writing world I have been polishing my submission for this year's Elizabeth Goudge trophy. This is given out at the RNA conference, I don't stand a chance but it was fun to write the first chapter of this book and it is now on the schedule for after the Artist book (i.e. jumping ahead of the Italian one).

Yes I know you are all searching for your whips to crack about the revisions *quickly sidesteps a vicious flick from Michelle* but there has been some movement on that as well. I have booked the end of next week off so that I can have four uninterrupted days to work on them. I have completely lost sight of the narrative thread and I am making a pigs ear of it. So fingers crossed this time next week things will be further along.

In the radio world there is some good news!! My chartshow has a sponsor again, in fact it is the same one as before. So welcome back to The Tennessee Tourist Board!


Michelle Styles said...

Ah you know there would be a crack of the whip.
It is all well and good polishing for contests, but when you have an actual request, you should be giving that priority.
And unless you finish and submit it, you will not know if it is any good. Also remember -- they LOVE your voice.

Nell said...

Passing Michelle the spare whip.

Anonymous said...

From the farflung one...this is one awesome lady. She is also playing Flo' Nightingale to a very demanding dog in between her cab driving and revisions. Respect from NoCal! And Ascot is hard work!