Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday? Again?

As some of you eagle-eyed people will realise my blog wasn't up on at The Pink Heart Society last weekend. Not sure what happened there, still trying to find out. If it doesn't go up this weekend I will post it here.

But how did it get round to being Friday again? Not that I am complaining... oh no! I am happily thinking about what needs doing this weekend and rubbing my hands in glee. But I have realised what a quiet life I am leading at the moment. Work, writing, radio, running and dieting.

Yes... dieting. *sigh* Sadly after too much of the good life it has been time to knuckle down and actually do something about my ever expanding waistline. No easy fixes... *curses* just old-fashioned cutting of portion sizes, not eating chocolate, laying off the booze (have managed to be below the recommended units level for two weeks now! My liver doesn't know what to do with itself!) So far so good, as of last Saturday I have lost 1.5kg and the mirror seems to show a bit of a difference.

This weekend Coady Major is back from SF for the week so I can see it all going out the window!

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