Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Moving On...

Now I have done the cathartic ranting about my journey home we can move on...

This week has been busy busy already, I have a voice over job due tomorrow, also a job interview, I'm off to the Oxford Literary Festival on Thursday for a talk sponsored by Mills & Boon and then I'm blogging at the Pink Heart Society on Saturday. Blimey and in all of that I have to do some writing...

On the writing front I am trying to get back to writing 'The Artist and The Ugly Duckling'... it is a bit of a struggle but if I look at lovely photos of Lucas (aka Gerard Butler) I get some inspiration.

I am also re-working an old story, actually less re-working and more a new story with some hints of an old one. It takes my idea and collides it with a Dickens novel. We'll see how it works out I just need to do the first chapter for a competition I am entering.

AND... I am writing a short story, completely unrelated to anything vaguely romantic.

ARGHH!! I need to get back to it!

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