Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I had seen Garth Brooks! I was buzzing but in the back of my mind was the realisation that I was going to have to start interviewing people!

But before all that happened I spotted Aaron Tippin who was recording some links for Blue Highway TV, so I grabbed a photo with him. That man keeps himself in tip top shape... I know I felt it :-)

My first interviewees was Clear Blue 22... I think it went ok. However I have since realised that I failed to get a photo of them with me. I was obviously not quite so together as I thought!

I then interviewed the lovely Darren 'With the surname I can neither say nor spell' but he looks like this! As it turns out I had met his manager last year at the Big & Rich show... looks like my networking worked somewhat.

And then if you are big fan of the US soaps Guiding Light and One Life To Live you might recognise this lady, Kassie DePaiva! She has a song out at the moment. We had a lovely chat... a very nice lady!

Laura Bryna was next... a tiny bundle of energy!

And then Mr Colt Ford... he was a charmer. I then spent the next few days running into him all the time! We joked that he was stalking me. He is doing a fine line in mixing country and rap.

Shawna Russell was next... and she didn't look old enough to be married!

And then the final gentleman of the day... Jeremy McComb! Well I say final but I'll tell you about the lovely men I interviewed in the next post...

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Kate Hardy said...

Thanks for sharing, Biddy - sounds like a fabulous experience!