Friday, March 14, 2008

Day One - Country Royalty

Day One of CRS 39 dawned and with it the realisation that this year I was actually going to have to do some work. None of this party animal/social butterfly stuff that I did last year. Up till all hours and then dragging myself to the convention centre at 11.30 in time for the lunchtime entertainment.

No this year I was interviewing people. Lots of people. Twenty-five different artists. Which is actually more than twenty-five different people because some of them were bands. Bands full of beautiful men… *drifts off on thoughts of the Drew Davis Band*

But more of them later…

The first big event of the seminar was the keynote speech. Last year we had the ever hirsute Jon Bon Jovi. This year we had country music royalty, the ever glabrescent* Garth Brooks. He chatted about his life now he has “retired” but the best part was after the talk. You see there had been a competition open to MDs and PDs giving them the chance to SING with Garth Brooks. They could put their business card in a hat with the Garth Brook song they wanted to sing and it would be pulled out. The chosen PD was a blast! That is thing with the radio industry, most of them started out on air and boy can they talk! It was this fantastic stand up routine as he is trying to call his radio station so he can be on air SINGING WITH GARTH BROOKS! And the receptionist put Garth Brooks on hold! And then he was asking anyone in the audience to phone his wife who was still in their hotel room!

Eventually they started singing ‘Friends in Low Places’ and part way through there was a thump of drums, the curtains pulled back to reveal a full band! Garth went on to perform four more songs… it was a great start to the seminar(photos to follow... can't seem to download them off the camera at the mo.)

But then I realised it was down to the real work… interviewing.

No problem you’re thinking - an interview is an interview; I’m sure Brigid has done loads of them over the years. Well you would be thinking wrong. I have done precisely HALF an interview before last week. HALF! And now I had TWENTY FIVE (or so).

I would be fine… wouldn’t I?

*this is an excellent word meaning ‘bald’! Hurrah for online thesauri


liz fenwick said...

Love the world for bald and love garth brooks - was listening to him in the car on the way back from Hatta - there is something about country music and the desert mountains that fits!

Michelle Styles said...

Looking forward to the next installments.

YOu go on your interview tally!

Nell said...

Can't wait to hear more.