Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pretty Shiny Prizes!

The weekend dinner with the nuns was a complete success! More food than you can shake a stick at and wonderful to catch up with them all (and only one story of my bad behaviour was spoken about).

Monday saw the annual RNA Lunch and the distribution of pretty shiny prizes! The winner of the Romance Prize was the wonderful Kate Hardy! I didn't actually go to the lunch but turned up later and the first person I saw as I walked into the hotel... Kate! Which meant I got to give her a massive hug.

I had one of the nominees, Julie Cohen, staying with me so I had to hang around and keep drinking didn't I? It's a tough life at the coal face of romance writing...

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liz fenwick said...

It's very tough Biddy but hell.....someone must do it. Great to see you. Have just about recovered. Sitting in Starbucks at the moment trying to catch up before I fly this afternoon :-)