Friday, February 01, 2008

A Month and Counting...

The partial for 'Dream Date' has been at Mills and Boon now for a month, or four weeks as I like to think of it. I am counting in weeks until at least month two.

In other things I have the very lovely and talented Anna Lousie Lucia staying with me at the moment... it is always fun to have like minded individuals to stay and know what you are babbling about when you are talking complete tosh.

Tomorrow I am blogging again over at The Pink Heart Society... I will remind you again later! And tomorrow I am also being sous chef/chief waitress/bottle washer for my sister when she caters a dinner party for the parents. This was her present to my father for his birthday... so I am not quite sure how I ended up being the lackey???

It should be a good night as the guests are four of the nuns who used to teach me as a teenager... yes I will be spending the evening with my former headmistress/english teacher, my former house mistress, my former religion teacher and my former head of six form. I see many embarrassing stories being rehashed.


liz fenwick said...

I have visions :-)

Julie Cohen said...

I'm dying to know how it went.

Great post over at PHS, Bids.