Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!!

It is that day again... Valentines Day. I was going to be all cynical about it but I am in too good a mood so I will pass on my usual diatribe against the whole day and embrace it for what it is. A day to celebrate romance. And as I am trying to write romantic fiction that is probably a good thing.

This year I have sent cards... which is something of a record. I won't say who to as that would spoil the surprise but they are in need of some special thoughts so I sent them.

Tonight I will not be joining the throngs of people staring at each other over candlelit dinners trying to make conversation and failing miserably (ooops sorry cynical Biddy rose to the surface there.) I will be out for my second run of 2008 (the first was yesterday) and then home. And I will treat myself to a candlelit bath, a glass of wine, chocolates and a good book. Now that is what I call a good Valentines Day.

What will you all be doing?

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Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines day love! I'll be joining you in cyber space, have a lovely evening...
xx Daisy