Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Coming Up...

The next week or so are busy in Biddy world. My 'To Do' list is longer than my arm and everytime I mark one thing off another two are added in their place.

One big thing this week is that my third installment of 'A Book With Biddy' will be appearing on The Pink Heart Society on Saturday. I'll remind you on the day but just as a taster there will be pictures of Mark Harmon :-)

And then on Tuesday I arrive in Nashville for the beginning of CRS 39. This is the Country Radio Seminar held every year in Nashville. I went last year and you might all remember my blogs on naked cowboys and the like. This year I will be a little more restrained as I have to do TWENTY THREE interviews in just over two days! Which sort of curtails my partying somewhat but I am sure I will be able to fit some in... if only to make sure I have something to blog about.

The keynote speaker this year is Garth Brooks, not quite as swoon-worthy in my book as Jon Bon Jovi last year but definitely with star power! I will try and keep you all updated with my exploits and hopefully there will be some great photos.

But before any of these things happen I have to get through this week which includes work, producing and presenting my show, early Mother's Day dinner, buying Mother's Day present and Mum's birthday present, get a run in, go to a pre-wedding dinner for a friend (I'm missing the wedding which is in Sydney), pack and prepare all the interview material.


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liz fenwick said...

Good Luck with it all:-)