Monday, January 28, 2008

Hot Salsa!

Tonight I had a rather aborted attempt at going to a salsa dance class. It was a spur of the moment thing, an IM from a friend asking if I was up for an expedition. I did ask if I needed to bring a pith helmet and an elephant gun but was told no (I think it was a wasted opportunity myself). So off we trotted, all excited and full of expectations... and you know what stopped me? My bag! Yes I was stopped from shaking my funky groove thang because of the backpack that I take to work with me. They didn't stop me from dancing because of the backpack you understand... it is just my anal retentiveness meant I couldn't stand the thought of leaving my bag hanging around whilst I hippy shook on the dance floor.

So after the world's strongest two vodka tonics (it was two for one in happy hour!) and watching other people skipping the light fantastic we retired to Ed's diner for burger and fries... so next Wednesday we will try again. This time with my backpack safely stowed in a safe office.


Anna Lucia said...

I wanna dance! Must dance!

Get me off the freaking caffeine!!!

Brigid Coady said...

*removes coffee cup from Anna*

Ok now you are scaring me!

Kate Hardy said...

I can just see you in the pith helmet :o)

Ray-Anne said...

Now there is a story idea. Mischief in the salsa dance class - where you have to trust your dance partner completely, as he runs his hands down ,.,..

more coffee over here please. LOL