Sunday, November 04, 2007


I am in the midst of packing for the trip to Nashville and New York...

First problem is the ten degree temperature difference between the two places which leaves me in a quandary; which jacket do I take? I have a light suede jacket which would be good for Nashville or a a heavy winter coat which might work better for NYC but is a pain to take on a plane. Grrrrrr.

Second problem is what to wear!! At anytime!! Especially on Wednesday night for 41st CMA Awards... I am backstage so will be working and in need of comfy shoes but also want to keep the side up and look a little smart.

Third problem... the amount of cables I have to take for all my equipment!!

So I have written a list (one A4 sheet so far with all the peripherals and no clothes listed)... I hope I remember everything (note to self you haven't listed bras)

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Nell said...

Take the light jacket. You can buy something warm in NY ggg. What a great excuse to shop and the exchange is good at the minute.