Monday, October 15, 2007


I have been naughty today, I have taken time off from the revisions to read Ally Blake's wonderful Modern Extra, "Steamy Surrender".

WOW! A steamy read *fans self* and had me sobbing over my herbal tea. Saxon was sexy, Morgan was fiesty and vunerable. A very satisfying way to avoid my revisions.

The only problem is that my writing now feels a little flat in comparison.


liz fenwick said...

Don't compare......they liked your voice. Just keep at it :-)

Michelle Styles said...

I agree with Liz.

Don't compare. You can't judge as you are far too close to your own work. All you can do is to write and revise until you send it off. And then you go on to the next ms.

Biddy said...

You are both right... but it was a damn good book!