Tuesday, October 23, 2007

If Only I Had Known This Back Then

Some of you might remember The Great Sam West Debacle *shudder* I still wake some nights in a cold sweat in memory of that night. But today I was surfing the net (or rather avoiding writing) when I came upon advice that I could have done with two years ago... The wonderful, talented and soon to be sainted for services to manic fans like myself Stephen Fry wrote a blessay on fame

Suddenly it all makes sense... I will be printing out 'the ideal conversation', laminate it, pop it behind my Oyster card for quick referral and Bob's your uncle... All debacles will be behind me!!! Which will be handy as in just over two weeks I will be let loose behind the scenes of the CMA Awards... which should hopefully avert a Kenny Chesney Debacle.


liz fenwick said...

Biddy I squirmed reading your debacle........liked your new plan though :-)

Kate Hardy said...

Oh, bless, I remember that one.

You will be FINE at the awards. (Though I dare not ask if Keith or Kenny might be there...)

Biddy said...

They are both performing... *swoon*

Julie Cohen said...

That is a very good essay. A blow for politeness all round.

You will have a brilliant time!

Donna Alward said...

I read it and liked it as well. The part that I related to actually was the part on compliments.

It can be very hard to accept a compliment. You don't want to sound like you agree with someone because that makes you vain or cocky. But I learned that by disputing the compliment you are insulting the giver of it.

The advice...Just say Thank true, even if it is blissfully ordinary. It is something I still struggle with but I think I'm better than I used to be.

Biddy said...

Mr Stephen Fry ALWAYS makes sense.

Kate Hardy said...

Course he does, Biddy. He's from Norfolk *g*