Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Big Celebrations!!!

So some big things are happening at the moment... the first is this...


I finished it. After many years of half finished wips and some embarrassing scripts hidden in chests under my bed, I actually finished a first draft of a story. That is something that has a beginning, middle and an end. I will admit the middle is a little flaky but it is a middle. I feel I have moved from the group of people saying they want to write a book and fall before the end to the group that have finished a book and are now sitting around thinking "Damn!! No I've got to rewrite this sucker!"

And it is a romance. In fact it is aimed at category romance line... which brings me to another one of those big things!!!

It is the Pink Heart Society first birthday and they have invited me to join their treasure hunt.

So for the lil pink jumpin' guy I am leaving

a wonderful pink cowboy hat
and cowboy boots.

Fitting for presents from a country music DJ don't ya think??


YvonneLindsay said...

I seriously love that hat! Awesome gift for the Lil Pink Dancing Guy, and he'll be boot scooting a dream with that footwear!

Kate Hardy said...

Well done, Biddy, on finishing your story!

Loved the pressie. (Goes nicely with mine, vbg)

Liz Fielding said...

Congratulations on finishing your story, Biddy. It's a terrific feeling isn't it? I felt as great finishing my first 600 word children's story as I did finishing my first ms for M&B. The feeling of achievement is unbelievable.

Anyone can start a story, but it takes a writer to finish one.

Michelle Styles said...

OH this is cause for celebration indeed!!!!!
YOu finished the wip, and now you have material to work with. It can be done. It can be made stronger!
Hooray for you.

Biddy said...

Yvonne - It is a great hat isn't it!!

Kate - Thanks! And when I saw your present yesterday I was grinning knowing what was coming today :-) Perfect partners, huh?

Liz - Thank you. It is a terrific feeling, I told everyone I could think of including the man in Oddbins. And I do feel like a writer now I have finished one.

Michelle - We can all celebrate in a few weeks. And yes I think it can be done :-)

Trish said...

Yaaayyyyy YOU on finishing!!!

Told ya - manys a one starts and never finishes so this is HUGE!!

And the Lil guy is THRILLED with all his prezzies so far - one might almost say BOUNCING with joy!

Natasha said...

Two presents! That's kind of spoiling him. :)

And finishing is great. There is no better feeling in the world, I reckon, than typing THE END!

Julie Cohen said...

Hooray you!!

liz fenwick said...

Fantastic news....I'm thrilled for you and I love those boots!!