Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Kate Walker's 50th Book Celebration!!

The Wonderful Kate Walker!!

I have been out and about helping Kate Walker celebrate the publication of her 50th book for Mills & Boon

A gaggle/murder/cosy/clutch/bevy/blush < insert the correct collective noun here > of romance writers descended on Lincoln. I'm not sure whether Lincoln will ever recover but it was a wonderful weekend spent with some very special friends.

I arrived on Friday afternoon with The Bloke and even before we managed to get into The White Hart Hotel we were hailed by the wonderful Anna Louise Lucia and her husband. This set the seal for the weekend, I felt like Lincoln was home as around every corner I was meeting friends. The Bloke was even taking bets on the time between sightings!! The best one was on Saturday morning when heading into the castle. I could hear my name being shouted and as I looked up, there in the tall observation tower was "Ginge" and "The Babe Magnet", the other halves of the talented Michelle Reid and of course Kate Walker!!

Friday night was a ghost walk of Lincoln. What a wonderful way of getting to know the history of a city. If you visit Kate's blog there is a link to them. A meal and then up to wee hours gossiping with Trish Wylie, Natasha Oakley, Abby Green and The Bloke (who was in his element surrounded by beautiful and intelligent women!)

Saturday was a trip round the castle and the beautiful cathedral with The Bloke, Julie Cohen and of course Nate. I'm not sure Nate quite understood what was going on (being five months he is allowed off) but the rest of us had a great time.

Small naps for all (not just Nate) and it was time for the big celebration. All of us dressed to the nines and drinking wine and chatting. And then to dinner where each table had the name of a Kate Walker book. The food was delicious and the company fun! Then poetry readings which were alternately moving and hysterical. Kate then took to her feet and gave a speech which seemed to be all about how wonderful everyone else was and giving THEM gifts!!! Silly woman!! It just shows what a generous and loving lady Kate Walker is!!

BUT... she didn't get away with giving out gifts. The feather boa of romance writers had been planning for months and had pooled our money to buy her gifts... Kate Hardy our project leader took to her feet and took these gifts including a signed pic of Michael Ball (we tried for Hugh Jackman), 50 golden roses (see Kate's blog for the story), the jewels and book vouchers. Much tears...

Another late night chatting with all including Kate's beautiful M&B editor.

It was a wonderful weekend and I wish we could have stayed later on Sunday but real life intervened.

Go and have a visit to Kate's blog for photos and also the huge blog party she has going on for this. I am hoping to be a guest blogger there later in the month!!

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