Friday, June 22, 2007

Countdown to Ascot... A-Day minus One

So tomorrow is A-Day!! I think everyone else is more excited than I am... not that I'm not excited it is just I have a tonne of work to do before then and I need to go and do all those girlie faffy things that includes hot wax and control underwear buying.

I have just had a call though from Big Sister who is at Ascot today as well (supposedly it is work and she is entertaining clients.. hurrumph). The need for tights (pantyhose) is called for due to a the wet and windy weather and also she needs me to go and buy her a very expensive hat for tomorrow (one that costs three figures where the first number isn't one). I have the low down that they are very strict on dress-code and also where and how you display your Royal Enclosure badge... EEK!!

Wish me luck with all that hot wax and elastic knickers!

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