Sunday, March 04, 2007

Nashville Nights (and some mornings and afternoons)

I have wrestled the photos off Lee and will add to my cowboy hugging collection by adding this one of myself and the incredibly tall Darryl Worley (6'6"). I kindly received an invitation to sit on his tour bus and drink whiskey from his NY promo guy, RJ (who is one of New York state's biggest Eastenders fan)

After my gratuitous groping of Mr Worley it was time for Big & Rich's Kegger!!! These people KNOW how to party. Free drinks and food at the rehearsal hall at the GEC, our own flashing beer mugs (which I lost somewhere along the line) and a great concert. I also managed to be right at the front within touching (or being kicked) distance of John Rich's feet. I think The Chesney has a rival.... *sigh*

Below are a few shots from it... for those of you who are not familiar with Big & Rich. The smaller darkhaired gentleman with the guitar and the 'tash is John Rich, the man in the tall hat is Big Kenny and the little guy is Two Foot Fred (one of the extended Big & Rich family known as The Muzic Mafia).

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Anonymous said...

Goodness me - I hope your poo magnet qualities didn't work on him!!

Pauline & Amélie x